Best. Boss. Ever.

You can likely close your eyes and picture the best boss you ever had. Why was this boss so great?

Maybe your boss was great because they gave you your first big break. Maybe your boss was great because they were extremely kind when you were going through a tough personal situation. Maybe your boss was great because they did what they said they were going to do. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The best boss I ever had did all those things. But the reason he was truly amazing was because I knew he valued me.

He valued my strengths. He valued my opinions. He valued my time. He took it upon himself to treat me not like his employee, but as a resource to be preciously guided. And I worked for the company for 11 years – a lifetime by most standards today.

If you want committed long-term employees, make them a priority in ways that matter to them. They need to know you value them for more than what they produce every day.

  • Learn how they are naturally wired and pour into them in ways that make their strengths even stronger. Not only will they benefit, but so will you, the team and the organization.
  • Treat employees as the individuals they are. One-size-fits-all management techniques are full of “I’m too busy to really get to know you” undertones.
  • Generously give employees your greatest gift – time. Nothing says “You are important and matter to me” more than spending time with those entrusted to your care as a leader.

Being the best boss is about so much more than being thought of fondly. It’s about investing in the talent you worked so hard to secure in the first place.