Snagging the Best Talent

Snagging the best, most outstanding talent that is equally as effective in a remote work setting vs. traditional work environment is every leader’s dream. These talented people make hard, complicated work seem effortless, bring their A-game everyday, know how to navigate team conflict well, and challenge others to do their best as they model what greatness looks like.
Reassurance and ROI
But truly identifying outstanding talent can be elusive. Even the best interviewers can be fooled with smooth answers and a shiny resume that seems to have all the sought-after credentials. Many predictors of success, TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS AND GOALS, are overlooked.

Insyte360’s Talent Analysis takes the subjectivity out of hiring, promoting and building teams. Our integrated suite of four different assessment tools uncovers multi-dimensional aspects of a person’s natural wiring, strengths, career motivators and more so you know in advance, without a doubt, the capabilities and behavior tendencies of the person.

With this knowledge you can start getting the ROI on your outstanding talent investment much faster, reaching your strategic goals more effectively and efficiently.

Streamlined Process

Our process is incredibly streamlined, but also amazingly predictive. 

Because people are multi-dimensional, we utilize a suite of four different, but complementary, online assessments that provide multi-dimensional insight into the natural wiring of each person.

We then conduct expert interpretation and analysis and marry the results to your strategic goals. 

The results are shockingly predictive and informative, to help you make data-based, process-oriented decisions quickly in an area that historically is often derailed by the subjective. 

Smarter Action, Sooner.

Not only does Insyte360 take most of the guesswork out of  hiring, development and team building, it can even accelerate these processes – because you are not “guessing” how a person might respond to a certain situation, whether in a remote-work setting or in a traditional work environment.

Even for time-sensitive decisions, you receive your complete Talent Analysis and recommendations quickly, so that you can move forward in tackling strategic initiatives as efficiently and effectively as possible.