When you hear the word agility, what do you think of?

A great basketball player on the court, moving and grooving, doing his magic?

A super football runningback, avoiding tackles, quickly pivoting from one direction to another?

Or maybe mental agility, someone who can keep 7 different balls in the air, never missing a deadline, conversation, or task.

But today, as we apply agility tactics to the workplace, it’s important to go back to basics and explore the definition of agility.

Agility is defined as: “the gracefulness of a person that is quick and nimble.”

And the next question… how is gracefulness defined? “The quality of being smooth and relaxed.”

You may be thinking, “Ummm….Hello? We have this pandemic thing going on right now. Being smooth and relaxed is not at the top of my agenda today”.

But therein lies the key differentiator of phenomenal team builders and leaders.

Despite the panic that is going on, they are able to project an attitude of being smooth and relaxed, acting in a quick and nimble manner. Which is contagious to all around them.

When all of this is over, your agility – SMOOTH, RELAXED, QUICK, NIMBLE – will be what others remember as you seek to rebuild and recover as efficiently as possible.

It’s not easy. But you can do it.

I believe in you.