You can probably close your eyes and easily picture a phenomenal athlete in action.

Maybe Michael Jordan playing basketball.

Or Serena Williams on the tennis court.

Perhaps Peyton Manning throwing a touchdown.

The specific natural talents of these amazing athletes are very different but one thing is the same.

Their natural talents are being harnessed and channeled exactly as they should be for maximum impact.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to harness and channel your employees natural talents in the same way?

Sure, it’s “easier” to spot incredible talents in action when a naturally gifted athlete dominates their sport.

But what if you dug in and truly understood and identified your employees natural talents? The talents are there and just as incredible.

But they are often not as easily “seen”.

For example:

• A Focus player will NOT miss a detail.

• A Restorative player will never meet a problem that can’t be solved.

• A Significance player will want to make lasting contributions to improve the world.

And when you put your best “athletes” together, you build one of the greatest “sports teams” of all time.

Pause and imagine your business operating in this way.

If you’re ready to start building your team of “athletes”, send us an email today to get the ball rolling.

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