Context is so important.

Without context, information is just that. Information.

But when you add context, information turns into actionable knowledge.

At Insyte360, when we partner with businesses, we help each person on the team understand themselves in a deep way that has likely never been explained before.

We provide specific, detailed information regarding their natural strengths, talents, personality, career motivators, stressors, risk propensity and more. We give information first.

We then add Context #1, which is helping each individual person understand the broader team strengths and areas of similarities/contrast.

We then add Context #2, explaining how each person’s individual uniqueness stands out from the world at large, and how it can be leveraged to make the organization even more robust.

With this level of actionable knowledge, companies become well-poised to make important talent decisions and plan future strategic initiatives that will serve them for years to come.

Context is a key differentiator between those companies just ‘getting it done’ and those that are extraordinary.