Restrictions are starting to be lifted.

Now the hard work begins in leading your team against a different invisible monster: ANXIETY.

Recent data shows that 75% of Americans are now experiencing anxiety on a daily basis.

This new level of anxiety in ¾ of Americans is unprecedented. So the attention we give to it and the solutions we provide need to be dialed up.

We need to quickly become versed in identifying anxious patterns and their depth, and providing solutions to help each person, and the team, so we can all move forward as effectively as possible.

If not addressed, anxiety can cause major workplace issues resulting in lack of productivity, loss of revenue, and office drama.

Your team may not be fully transparent on the level of anxiety they are experiencing for fear of putting their job at risk, appearing weak, or seeming unadaptable.

But anxiety can eat away at us if not addressed head-on, and formerly great employees can become shadows of their former selves. No one wants that.

At Insyte360, one of our assessment tools identifies the level of anxiety a person is experiencing. This tool translates the behaviors (or lack thereof) of people and what it really means based on their individual natural personality and wiring.

When someone is behaving out of character, we can then see what is driving the change with clear vision.

Maybe it’s anxiety, maybe it’s something else.

We’ll help you develop strategies that marry well to the person’s natural personality so you can all move forward in a healthy way – together.