Most people revert to behavior that is comfortable and natural to them during times of drastic, unexpected change.

That doesn’t mean they feel comfortable.

It means they behave in ways that are instinctual to them.

Which is why now more than ever it is important to understand each person on your team’s natural wiring so you can help them thrive in this new remote work era.

For example, perhaps you have noticed your client development team member struggling recently even more so than others. Why?

It could be because those in client development (aka sales roles) are often high in the Woo strength.

What is Woo? It stands for Winning Others Over. Those with Woo live for the opportunity to build rapport with others. Their energy source is other people. This makes them fantastic at their jobs.

But they also find it painfully difficult to be alone. They NEED interaction with others. Like we need air to breathe, those with Woo NEED to be with people.

For the Woo person, they have been stripped away of a very significant, life-giving source. They are at their best when they have multiple face-to-face interactions with different people a week.

And now, they have almost none.

There are many tips and tactics to help Woo people get the life-breathing source they need AND thrive professionally. Client development work still needs to occur. But our methods may need to change.

For every person on the team, it’s essential to dig into their natural wiring and develop new strategies to help each person flourish in a world that is now drastically different than the one they were hired into.