All we really want to do is lay our heads down on our desks like we did in elementary school and take a power nap. When we wake up this will all be over, right?

I understand how very, very difficult it is at this time to do much more than just keep the wheels on the bus.

But I also want to encourage you that now truly is YOUR TIME TO SHINE. And you don’t have to do anything drastic or exert a lot of energy that none of us really have at the moment.

Now is your time to shine as a leader, as someone responsible for team building efforts, by showing your humanness.

That is the best thing to do to continue the team-building momentum you have worked hard to build during this topsy-turvy season.

As leaders, we may feel like we need to keep a stiff upper lip. Show no emotion. Be the pillar of strength.

What your team needs right now is to experience YOU being authentic, real and genuine.

Nothing builds teams better than being open, honest and transparent.

The best teams are built by going through challenges together. Talk about how you are processing in a healthy way, creating an environment where it’s safe to be real.

Because when all of this is behind us, your ability to build trust during this unprecedented time will go a long way in your future recovery and growth plans.