Better Promotions

In The Peter Principle by Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull, the authors’ research suggested that people in an organization tend to rise to their “level of incompetence.” An employee who is promoted based on their success in previous roles will eventually reach a level at which they are no longer competent. The skills that led to success in one position do not necessarily guarantee performance in another.

This is the outcome every HR director dreads. And the solutions some organizations apply, from the “up or out” approach used by some companies, to the additive increase/multiplicative decrease algorithm employed by others, only deal with the lack of performance after the promotion. But what if you could know whether a promotion is likely to succeed before it happens?

The High Cost of the Wrong Choice.

Passing a person over when they are “in line” for promotion is demotivating. But promoting them into a position for which they’re not suited is worse. On top of the blow to the employee’s morale, the company takes a hit in lost productivity, and the additional time and expense of repairing the situation — as well as the impact of such a failure on the rest of the team.

But what if you could know whether a promotion is likely to succeed before it happens?

Promote with Confidence

Insyte360 brings an integrated suite of assessments to bear on the process of selecting someone for promotion. Taken as a whole, the results give you a much clearer picture of who is likely to succeed in a new, more demanding role, making your decision simpler and more reliable. It’s an investment in getting promotions right the first time that can pay enormous dividends.

A Proven Process

You provide a detailed description of the candidate’s current position and the one they’re being considered for. Your candidate then takes a series of online surveys designed to elicit genuine responses across a wide range of areas. We can overlay the combined results from all assessments and the requirements of the position you’re trying to fill, to deliver a detailed profile of your candidate and a data-driven recommendation on whether he or she is likely to succeed in the new position.

Smarter Promotions, Sooner.

Not only does Insyte360 take most of the guesswork out of the promotion process, it can even speed up that process. You receive your complete analysis and recommendations quickly, so that you can promote the best candidate promptly if needed.