We are all running a marathon right now, not a sprint race. I sure do wish it was a sprint, but unfortunately, it’s not.

As leaders and team members, we need to take good care of ourselves so we can also care for each other. We have a long road in front of us.

When the restrictions are lifted and it’s time to start pushing hard again, we want to be ready – mentally and physically – to rebuild our businesses as fast as we can.

There are some excellent tips that many follow when training for an actual marathon that may come in handy for the Coronavirus marathon we all find ourselves in:

– Focus on fuel. It’s tempting right now to load up on comfort foods. But sticking to food that is nutritious is better for our minds and bodies.

– Pace yourself. If we could will this away, we would. But we can’t. So try not to expend all your mental, emotional and physical energy up front by trying to figure everything out. One day at a time. You need to pace yourself for the long haul.

– Rest. You will absolutely wear yourself out by trying to keep up with the minute-by-minute updates of what is happening in the world right now. Be aware and plugged in, but try not to obsess. Build in plenty of designated rest time because even if your body isn’t moving as much as it usually does, your mind is on overdrive. And it needs rest time to recover.

We will not only survive this, but we will emerge stronger when it’s over.

Just be sure you are planning and caring for yourself for the marathon that is before us.