The 6 Occupation Themes


This theme centers on constructing, building, repairing, working outdoors, being physical, and overall using your body and mind at work. You’re likely to score high on the Realistic theme if you:

  • enjoy physical activity and adventure
  • enjoy working with tools, computers, computer networks and machines
  • prefer to find black and white solutions to clearly defined problems
  • prefer concrete problems and data over abstract issues and research


This theme is focused on research, analysis and inquiry. Those with high Investigative scores typically have a strong scientific and inquiring orientation, are adept in science, math and writing, and enjoy:

  • working in academic or research environments
  • uncovering new facts and interpreting data
  • abstract tasks that involve critical thinking
  • experiments or research in a laboratory
  • accumulating and structuring data
  • analyzing research and problem-solving
  • working on their own


The Artistic theme is associated with individuals that have a great need for expression, enjoying visual arts & design, performing arts, culinary arts, writing and mass communication as both a maker and a consumer. Those with high Artistic scores are likely to be nonconformists, in touch with their feelings, and enjoy:

  • creating something at the workplace
  • being in front of an audience
  • employing linguistic skills
  • communicating effectively
  • flexible and accommodating schedules and structures


Individuals that score high on the Social theme tend to like helping, instructing, and care giving, working with people directly and in groups. They prefer shared responsibilities and collaboration with clear duties. They tend to feel comfortable:

  • being the center of attention in a group setting
  • instructing or nurturing the younger generation
  • interacting with others and discussing feelings
  • working in education or outreach
  • training, hiring or caring for the sick


Those who score high in Enterprising tend to seek positions of power, status, and leadership in areas like selling, managing and persuading. Oftentimes, they enjoy leading a group setting where everyone works together toward a goal, and are competitive risk-takers. People with high Enterprising scores:

  • are energetic, optimistic and confident
  • are organized, focused on the task and the goal
  • are bold with ideas and willing to take risks
  • are likely to work in government, larger firms and corporations, financial institutions and private companies


Those with a high Conventional score value organization, detail, and accuracy, and are adept in areas like mathematics, accounting, data processing and management, computer programming and software development. At work, they often:

  • enjoy analyzing financial data, developing office protocols, keeping detailed accounts
  • excel at structuring data, writing software, and building financial projections
  • are methodical, controlled and careful with their belongings and finances
  • enjoy working in office settings for larger corporations or financial institutions that handle money
  • prefer a well-defined, structured work hierarchy