There’s a reason blind spots are called blind spots.

It’s so easy to “see” employees as we WANT them to be – and not how they are actually wired.

To focus on how WE want them to grow.

To focus on what WE want them to contribute.

To focus on how WE believe we can develop them.

We often believe if we nudge them just the “right” way…

Or give them enough training …

Or shower them with encouragement…

They will shine just like WE know they can.

We may view ourselves as incredibly dedicated leaders who know what’s best for each person on the team.

It’s easy to unconsciously let our pride take over – even if it comes from a place of good intentions.

But unfortunately, the reality of an employee’s natural wiring, motivations, and innate giftedness is often starkly different than our perceptions.

If only we knew what we don’t know.

With data.

Not subjective opinions that may be subconsciously clouded with biases, history, or our own personal wants and needs.

If you are ready for data-based insights to help guide the development and growth of your employees – and profitability of your organization – Insyte360 can help.