Have you noticed your Client Development person may be struggling these days?

I’m talking about a struggle bigger than not hitting a sales goal because of the pandemic.

I’m talking about a change that seems deep in the soul, a sadness.

Why is the Client Development person perhaps struggling in a different way than others?

It could be because those in Client Development (aka sales) are often high in the WOO strength.

What is WOO? It stands for Winning Others Over. Those with WOO love to build rapport with new prospects.

Their energy source is people. This makes them fantastic at their jobs.

But they also find it painfully difficult to be separated from actual humans. They NEED interaction.

Not Zoom interaction. Real people interaction.

Like we need air to breathe, WOOs need to be with people. It’s a deep ache in the soul they are feeling right now. It’s more than just “missing” humans.

There are tips and tactics to help WOO people get the life-breathing source they need AND thrive professionally in this new world.

Client development work still needs to occur.

But our approach to leading and team building needs to change.