At Insyte360, we are here to say we are proud of you.

So many people digging in and figuring out this remote working thing.

It’s not always easy. In fact, there may be pretty big, frustrating, seemingly insurmountable challenges to work through.

Some industries may naturally lend themselves easily to the concept. Others are creating a way, when this operating style is far from the norm.

But necessity is the mother of invention, right?

We are hearing many, many extraordinary stories of things being done to:

1) keep servicing clients without interruption

2) keep employees employed

3) keep businesses open and operating so that the recovery time will be less when this is over, and

4) keep some essence of “normalcy” going

Work and our jobs are an organizing force in our lives. We organize our lives around our work schedule. And when that organizing force is gone, it can cause great restlessness.

The employers I am speaking with are very concerned about keeping that “stabilizing force” going when so many things are unstable.

Again, we are so proud of everyone – employers and employees alike.

Keep doing what you are doing: being open-minded, flexible, grace-giving, and patient.

Because the seeds you are sowing now will reap a great harvest down the road.

Today, friends, is when leaders are truly shining. Employees are noticing. They will remember. And they will be forever marked by your kindness and leadership in this crazy chaos.