Just 4 months ago, only 16% of employers hired remote workers.

Today, businesses are primarily operating remotely.


Let’s process that for a second.

For 84% of businesses, as you were team building, you likely didn’t seek to learn the person’s ability to:

– Adapt to an new work environment that would operate mainly in isolation

– Thrive in constantly changing macro dynamics

– Endure long periods of uncertainty and stress

– Effectively work in solitude for incredible stretches of time

– Communicate well without the benefit of body language

– Truly self-start

– Build relationships via technology, such as Zoom

– Lead a team they do not see in person

Some people will transition well to working remotely for the long haul.

Others will not. They will feel like a fish out of water.

Perhaps these people could thrive, but you, as a leader, will need to develop them in new ways.

You need the new “playbook” to succeed. No one wants to lose great people just because our talent and team building platforms were not built around remote-based work.

Insyte360 can give you the playbook to help you and your team prosper going forward. We provide data-based insights about each person’s natural wiring…giving you powerful tools to build the team you need in this new world order.