Thought Leadership

  • Well-Rounded or Productive. Pick One.
    February 12, 2020
    For years, many in leadership positions have believed that the most productive employees are those that are well-rounded.Employees who start in one function, then “rotate” into a different function, possibly get promoted, move to a third function, get promoted, and so on and so on. The thinking is the more exposure an employee gets to ...
  • Long-Term Just Got Shorter. Way Shorter.
    February 5, 2020
    There was a time when you heard the phrase ‘long-term employee’ and likely thought that meant a person had been at a company for at least 10 years. Maybe even 15 years. The point is we thought long-term meant at least a decade. Times have changed. The most recent data released by the Bureau of ...
  • How to Hire a Great Salesperson
    January 29, 2020
    Salespeople are the lifeline of any organization but finding, and retaining, great salespeople can be a huge challenge. Not all salespeople are alike. We have to be keenly aware of the type of salesperson we are for and how they are naturally wired to snag a great candidate. In today’s video, Dawn shares 3 tips ...
  • Best. Boss. Ever.
    January 22, 2020
    You can likely close your eyes and picture the best boss you ever had. Why was this boss so great? Maybe your boss was great because they gave you your first big break. Maybe your boss was great because they were extremely kind when you were going through a tough personal situation. Maybe your boss ...
  • How To Manage Different Energy Levels
    January 15, 2020
    Have you ever noticed that some positions seem to naturally attract certain energy levels? For example, many salespeople and receptionists generally have pretty high outward energy, but you may find that many IT, finance or operations people have less outward energy. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad, better or worse – they are ...
  • There’s a Reason Blind Spots are Called Blind Spots
    January 8, 2020
    If only we knew what we don’t know. If you are in a leadership role, you likely take the responsibility of developing people very seriously. But how many times have we stubbed our toes because we simply didn’t know that a person is actually very different than how they present themselves? We didn’t know that ...
  • Are You Hiring People or Selecting Talent?
    December 18, 2019
    When you hire people, you choose individuals to fill positions. When you select talent, you invest in contributors to fulfill a purpose. There is a big strategic difference in these two goals – and net organizational impact. Talent is the growth engine of every organization. If you want to grow, you have to view and ...
  • Are You Suffering From Excess Presenteeism?
    December 3, 2019
    Team members may show up and be present and accounted for but that doesn’t mean great work is occurring. On average, employees miss 57 days a year due to presenteeism versus 4 days to absenteeism. That’s a lot of lost productivity! In today’s video learn how to combat presenteeism and drive enthusiasm and engagement.
  • What You Don’t Know About Your Team
    December 3, 2019
    It doesn’t happen by accident.  Those teams you see that seem to be running on some sort of growth magic dust all have the same thing in common.  They understand, accept and deeply value one another’s natural talents, personality, interests and learning styles.  There are many teams that absolutely could achieve great things. However, they ...